'Our Wedding' Private Website

Our wedding and christening photography & videography packages can be enriched with the following services:

  • Aerial photos and video by a remotely controlled aerial system (drone).
  • Pre-wedding photo session. The photos from your pre-wedding session can decorate your wish book.
  • More albums. You have the option to choose the desired number of album copies, the dimensions, as well as the photo paper quality of your albums. For more information on album options please click here for digital albums, or here for analogue albums.
  • Private "Our Wedding" website with complete inofrmation about the couple, the wedding date etc. accessible on the web via a URL of the form www.hyperfocal.gr/name_of_couple
  • Prints on plain or frame canvas.
  • Fine art prints.
  • Photo box containing 100 13x18 (5x7) photos or 20 13x19 (5x8) passepartout mounted photos. This is an alterative option for a gift to your best man, the godfather and the grandparents instead of a digital album.
  • Duo folio for the presentation of 2 photos, available in 50 different colours of luxury linen.

To add services and customise you wedding or christening package to meet your needs, please contact us.