On this page you will find links to friendly and other interesting sites:

mirrorless.gr Hellenic Portal of Photography Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Systems (MILC). Maintained by team hyperfocal.
fourthirds.gr Website of Greek users of 4/3 systems. Maintained by team hyperfocal.
jeffascough.com The website of British Photographer Jeff Ascough, one of the most famous wedding photographers worldwide.
jerryghionis.com The website of probably the best wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis.
davidnoton.com The website of David Noton. He is one of the most famous landscape photographers in the world.
blog.vincentlaforet.com This is the personal blog of Vincent Laforet, the man who revealed the cinematic capabilities of the legendery Canon 5D Mark II with the "Reverie". Contains many interesting articles.
philipbloom.net The website of the famous videographer Philip Bloom full of filmaking related content.
magiclantern.fm The official website of "Magic Lantern", the firmware which converts a Canon dSLR into a cinema camera.
canon-europe.com The official Canon website for all Europe.